Food packaging
Environmental protection and energy saving are one of the core requirements of the packaging industry. Ultrasonic welding is a welding process that can process plastic products according to requirements to complete perfect welding. Environmental protection, low cost, high efficiency and high precision are suitable for all walks of life.
The lid of the film is sealed in coffee capsules, beverage packaging, and other production methods, and the film ultrasonic welding heat is generated internally to prevent the film from shrinking.
Plastic hose sealing
The ultrasonic principle is used to seal the end of hoses and composite tubes with good stability and high efficiency. Ultrasonic hose sealing is suitable for toothpaste, cosmetics, drugs, food, industrial supplies, and other types of hose sealing.
PET blister
When PET material is applied in the packaging industry, ultrasonic waves can quickly reach a high melting point and increase the output, also the sealing and separation function of the blister can be realized, and the opening and genuine anti-counterfeiting functions can be easily realized.
Non-woven fabrics
Ultrasonic cutting can make the edge of fabric products smoother and flush, and will not lead to fading, stringing, and other problems; At the same time in the ultrasonic process even melting with cutting and locking the edge, effectively prevent the textile from stripping and pilling
Flexible packaging
Ultrasound safely pushes product residues out of the welding area, thus ensuring an absolutely tight seal. This significantly reduces packaging leaks and extends the shelf life of supermarket products.
Food cutting
The application of ultrasound can cut cakes, bread, candy, meat, and many other food products. Ultrasonic cutting of food products has more advantages than traditional methods: the cutting surface is clean and flat, and more importantly, it can reduce the time of production downtime due to cleaning and maintenance.
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