Automatic machine series
Ultrasonic metal automaton
Main feature
  • The sixth generation iQS operating system, multi-level password protection and hierarchical authorization
  • Proportionvalve technology and high performance digital generator with high precision.
  • UTC embedded stacked series of high-end processors to achieve high-speed and extreme control
  • Using graphic analysis for quality monitoring, supporting four brands of scanners.
  • Support MES, DPS system and self-developed DataLog with 5G application
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Ultrasonic metal automaton

The custom-made frame is sturdy and durable, adopts modular design, can be easily expanded, cooperates with manipulator and vision system, multiple welding modes and stacking functions, provides customers with intelligent quality management, Ethernet connection, data support for Industry 4.0 applications and connections MES system. It can be applied to various metal welding fields such as: wire and battery related industries, etc., making production more efficient and reliable


Model:Ultrasonic metal automaton




Motion System:Custom made

Operating Device:Custom made color touch screen


The automatic matching ultrasonic metal welding equipment provides an ideal platform for a wide range of applications related to batteries worldwide. Effective quality control can be achieved through the evaluation/monitoring of welding process parameters. It is applicable to various applications including cable assembly and battery For production applications, they are designed to weld in various combinations, and cooperate with manipulators and vision systems to make production more efficient, especially complex hybrid connections.

Typical application
  • Super capacitor
  • Copper-aluminum welding
  • Stranded braided wire
  • Multi-strand wire splicing
  • Copper/Al soldering
  • Electrode welding of positive and negative poles
  • Stranded wires are soldered to standardized contacts
  • Cable connections for high current applications
  • Battery connection contacts
  • Battery connector
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