Metal Welding MP Series / TH-Series

Ultrasonic welding on non-ferrous metals (such as cooper and aluminum) has been verified in the industry over many years. It provides high speed less than one second. The welding time will depend on the size of the welding node. Compared with other welding technologies, the joint piece by ultrasonic welding will have the smaller temperature rise and not reach the melting point. This possesses many advantages other technologies don’t have, and will not damage other materials nearby, such as the insulation layer of an electric wire, including the connection of simple wire and busbar, welding on automobile and electronics harness with contact point, the special applications for enameled winding wire, thin film and thin plate. In the transition area of the solid material, the joint piece will not be embrittled. The higher welding strength will be produced by the relaxation process in two atom layers before passing through a part under welding. Welding is similar with diffusion welding, which can be many applications for metal.